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The Animation Workout Podcast – Episode 2: Show Early, Show Often… When You’re Ready!

This one is about sharing work in progress! A handy thing to do. For some people verbalising a goal or sharing a project when it’s still new leads to feeling the accomplishment of having already “finished” said project. For me, verbalising a goal makes it real for me and makes me feel committed. It’s a good idea for you to figure out when verbalising and sharing your goal is going to really help you to commit to it.

I’m going to post a podcast every three weeks on Wednesdays until November 26 (or until my maternity leave starts, whatever comes first.) So the remaining 2014 podcast dates are: October 15, November 5 and 26.


On keeping goals to yourself: http://michaelhyatt.com/should-you-keep-your-goals-to-yourself.html

On how verbalising and visualising your goals makes them real: http://www.noomii.com/articles/127-visualize-verbalize-actualize

Podcast Interview with Joanna Davidovich and Nate Foster by Chuck Thomas:  http://www.cinematlmagazine.com/cinematl-reel-ga/2014/8/29/atlanta-film-chat-dragoncon-special-twofer

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