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TAW Episode 5: Joanna Davidovich interview! Part 2


Here it is, part two! Joanna and I talk about her short film Monkey Rag, Kickstarter plans of action, cartoons and the difference between working on paper and digitally. It gets pretty informal at the end and we just chat about life stuff and whatever. And some good news; The Animation Workout is now on iTunes!!


So this will be my last podcast of 2014. I’m not sure when I’ll pick it up again as my life is about to be flip turned upside down in a matter of days when I give birth. Apologies for it getting this episode posted late, seems like the auto publish feature didn’t work.

Happy end of 2014 and start of 2015!

The Animation Workout iTunes preview link

TAW Episode 4: Joanna Davidovich interview! Part 1


I was meant to upload this podcast last week on Wednesday November 5 but due to some very sad technical difficulties my first attempt at recording an interview with Joanna didn’t work out. Joanna was very gracious and we did a second recording! We ended up talking about some of the same stuff, a lot of different stuff and for about an hour and a half! Since the interview went on so long I’m going to break it up into 2 parts. So come back in a couple of weeks to the rest of my informal chat with Joanna on November 26!



Joanna’s CTN booth setup

Joanna’s awesome character animation reel

Purchase Joanna’s book; A Doodlin’ Song online if you can’t make it to CTNexpo