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TAW Episode 5: Joanna Davidovich interview! Part 2


Here it is, part two! Joanna and I talk about her short film Monkey Rag, Kickstarter plans of action, cartoons and the difference between working on paper and digitally. It gets pretty informal at the end and we just chat about life stuff and whatever. And some good news; The Animation Workout is now on iTunes!!


So this will be my last podcast of 2014. I’m not sure when I’ll pick it up again as my life is about to be flip turned upside down in a matter of days when I give birth. Apologies for it getting this episode posted late, seems like the auto publish feature didn’t work.

Happy end of 2014 and start of 2015!

The Animation Workout iTunes preview link

Welcome to The Animation Workout!

Woo, it’s my first post here ever!

I really love listening to podcasts, often while I’m animating away. Talking to people and building websites are not strong points of mine so getting my own podcast going has been but a fantasy for some time. Recently I got really inspired by a few events and decided I’d give it a shot! I’d love to discuss animation as well as any form of art as well as juggling life with being a full time artist. Every artist has a different path and I’ve love to hear and share experiences. Who doesn’t love a big dose of inspiration? Podcasts, coming soon!