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TAW Episode 5: Joanna Davidovich interview! Part 2


Here it is, part two! Joanna and I talk about her short film Monkey Rag, Kickstarter plans of action, cartoons and the difference between working on paper and digitally. It gets pretty informal at the end and we just chat about life stuff and whatever. And some good news; The Animation Workout is now on iTunes!!


So this will be my last podcast of 2014. I’m not sure when I’ll pick it up again as my life is about to be flip turned upside down in a matter of days when I give birth. Apologies for it getting this episode posted late, seems like the auto publish feature didn’t work.

Happy end of 2014 and start of 2015!

The Animation Workout iTunes preview link

The Animation Workout Podcast – Episode 2: Show Early, Show Often… When You’re Ready!

This one is about sharing work in progress! A handy thing to do. For some people verbalising a goal or sharing a project when it’s still new leads to feeling the accomplishment of having already “finished” said project. For me, verbalising a goal makes it real for me and makes me feel committed. It’s a good idea for you to figure out when verbalising and sharing your goal is going to really help you to commit to it.

I’m going to post a podcast every three weeks on Wednesdays until November 26 (or until my maternity leave starts, whatever comes first.) So the remaining 2014 podcast dates are: October 15, November 5 and 26.


On keeping goals to yourself: http://michaelhyatt.com/should-you-keep-your-goals-to-yourself.html

On how verbalising and visualising your goals makes them real: http://www.noomii.com/articles/127-visualize-verbalize-actualize

Podcast Interview with Joanna Davidovich and Nate Foster by Chuck Thomas:  http://www.cinematlmagazine.com/cinematl-reel-ga/2014/8/29/atlanta-film-chat-dragoncon-special-twofer

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