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TAW cast 006 – Return to Animationland

I recorded a quick n’ dirty bit of audio while walking to the train from work. I’ve been back at work since mid May 2016. I’m living in Vancouver, BC right now and working at Atomic Cartoons. We’re using Toon Boom Harmony. The show I’m working on is yet to be announced but it features very “classic characters”. I have very little spare time now for recording, so maybe mini casts while walking to the train or to work will be an interesting way to squeeze it in. Prior to starting work here I took a year off to care for my new baby. Prior to that I took mat leave right after he was born and then returned to my job in San Francisco for only 5 weeks. It is a lot of madness to juggle family life with work. I hope to discuss it a bit further as well as my current job, plans for the future and one day get back to interviewing bad ass artists.

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The Animation Workout – Episode 1: Hello World


It’s my first solo podcast ever! I popped into a conference room at the office I work at early this morning to record it. I chat briefly about what inspired me to start podcasting and where I’d like to go with it. Give it a listen!

Links I mention in the podcast: