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The Animation Workout – Episode 3: Chatting about design with Deanna Marsligliese!

Here it is! My interview with Deanna Marsigliese! I start the podcast with a little mini review of The Animation Show of Shows. Deanna currently works at Pixar as a character designer. We both attended Sheridan College and Deanna was a year ahead of me. I always admired her work but was too shy back then to introduce myself. A few years after graduating I asked Deanna to do some character designs for my short film and after that we became friends. When we started hanging out we both lived in Toronto and it was by coincidence that we would both end up living in San Francisco at the same time!

My husband Stephen Tucker (visual effects artist extraordinaire and photographer) did the recording for us (since I didn’t know how to when I did this interview )and he chimes in on the conversation. This interview was conducted in February 2014 so it was technically the first interview I ever recorded.

We talk a bit about Deanna’s history and then about character design. Deanna is currently off seeing the world and taking photos and doing drawings and paintings as she goes. She told me that she plans to release her new drawings in book form! I love her first book and I’m sure many people will be excited to know that she has plans for another.

Check it out!

Here are some of the rough character designs Deanna did for Pickled:

pickled_deanna_marsigliese_concept_drawing_blog IMG_0571IMG_0582 IMG_0595IMG_0602IMG_0604


Deannas website: http://www.deannamarsigliese.com/

Deanna’s travel blog: http://dmexplores.tumblr.com/

Stephen Tucker’s website: http://www.allegrodigital.com/

The Animation Show of Shows: http://www.animationshowofshows.com/